Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping is an ancient form of therapy used to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and general well-being.  It’s the only form of decompressive therapy available and can be viewed as the opposite of a massage.




What to Expect During Your First Visit

With close to a decade of experience performing Fire Cupping, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.  In the initial visit we will go over you’re health concerns and explain the treatment.  Based on your ailments we will decide on an appropriate area of treatment, and style. Cupping is most commonly performed on the back, and can either be stationary or sliding.  With stationary cupping, the cups are left in place on specific areas for 5-10 minutes. This tends to draw from deeper areas of the muscle or connective tissue.  Sliding cupping works on a more superficial layer and is great for breaking up adhesion’s in the fascia.   Alternatively, there is flash cupping where the cups are rapidly applied and removed.  Flash Cupping is great for people who want a more invigorating treatment, or who are suffering from fatigue.

Cupping therapy is NOT painful.

What to Expect Following Treatment

The Cupping marks last 3-5 days on average.  They may last longer after initial treatments, which indicates poor blood flow.  On subsequent treatments, the marks will appear lighter and clear up faster.  The color of the marks vary based on personal health.   The benefit of cupping from a Licensed Acupuncturist is that we can use the marks as a diagnostic tool to see what other imbalances may be going on in your body.

Many patients report extreme relaxation immediately following a treatment, having a great night sleep and renewed vigor the following day.


Cupping is completely safe and painless.  There may be some muslce tenderness the following day.  The only precaution we offer is to keep the marks covered for 24-48 hours following a treatment.  The pores of your skin will be open, and exposure to cold can leave one feeling run down.  For the same reason, it is unadvised to take an epsom salt bath.  We also advise drinking plenty of water to help flush out any toxins released.


I am very happy with my decision to go with Aculete for my cupping session! Lucas is very knowledgeable of this form of Chinese therapy and a pleasure to work with. -Luchia R. 


Very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about sports injuries. First cupping session went great and felt immediately relieved once it was finished. Thank you Aculete!! – Thomas C.


Such a great experience; my first time using fire cupping and I am so pleased with the results! He was super knowledgeable, helpful and patient in explaining all of the questions I had. I bought another package and will continue to use Aculete for my other acupuncture and herbal needs too. Thank you so much! Love when you find a little gem using Groupon! -Amber E.