New Patient Information

As someone considering Acupuncture, there are a few things you may like to know in order to prepare for your treatment.


First off, Acupuncture appointments generally last an hour from the time you walk in the door.  This includes intake and treatment. An hour and a half will be allotted for your first session to allow time for you to fill out your health history (patient intake form).


Please download and fill out the Patient Intake form prior to arriving at the office.  Simply leave blank any section you are uncomfortable answering. ( NOTE: As of Sept. 1st, 2017 Intake Forms can be filled out online after Booking an Appointment ) All your information is Private, and conforms to HIPPA regulations. Contact us for a full copy of the clinic’s privacy practice.


It is important to eat something before any treatment.  Acupuncture is a moving experience, and it’s important to have fuel in the tank.  While rare, it is possible to feel light-headed during a treatment, especially if you have an empty stomach. If you are rushed for time, we recommend snacking on some nuts beforehand, or eating a protein bar.   Having your body in as balanced a state as possible when first walking in the door will greatly benefit the treatment.  This includes being sober for treatment.


One should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. The area of the body being treatment will vary from patient to patient. In general: shorts, skirts, or pants that can be rolled up past the knee are preferable. Paper gowns are available if needed.


Acupuncture is a cumulative experience, and resolution of one’s symptoms in a single session is rare.   The standard course of treatment is six sessions. However, A more accurate prognosis will be made within the first 3 sessions.  Generally speaking, acute injuries and pain will see results much sooner than chronic or internal issues.


The standard convention in the U.S. is to receive weekly treatments, but this may not be the best course therapeutically speaking.  It may be best to receive up to 3 treatments in the first week and then start spreading them out. This depends on many factors, including the severity of the condition, activity level, and constitution of the patient.  The goal is to effect enough change to see a resolution in as timely a manner possible and prevent further injury.  Once a patient has reached their goal, they often continue to receive treatments on a monthly or quarterly basis to prevent recurrence and maintain health.   Whatever place you are in, physically or financially, Lucas strives to provide a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

You may download Patient Privacy Policies Notice of Privacy Practices